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ValleyCare Gift Shop has the perfect gift

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o your meals need a makeover?

Should you start revitalizing your

recipes? Eating healthy each day may

seem like a daunting challenge, but according

to ValleyCare Registered Dietitian Molly Russo,

there are many substitutions you can make

in recipes to help you lower fat or sodium,

decrease sugars, or add vitamins or minerals.

She suggests trying some of the simple

changes below.

Replace each egg in your recipe with ¼ cup

of cholesterol-free egg substitute.

When baking, try substituting½ cup of

applesauce for 1 cup of oil, margarine or butter.

Preparing pancakes? Switch out the maple

syrup, and serve up some strawberries for a

vitamin-packed start to the day.

Using brown rice instead of white is an easy

way to boost your daily fiber intake and get

some extra potassium and magnesium in

your diet.

Iceberg lettuce may be low in calories,

but it is also low in nutrients. For a

healthier choice in your salad,

opt for nutrient-rich greens, such as

spinach, watercress or arugula.

Resist the urge to add salt to your food.

Consider healthy substitutions such as

balsamic vinegar, herbs or spices.

Forego fruit-flavored yogurts—

and their added sugars. Instead

reach for a bowl of plain yogurt,

and add a sprinkling of nuts and

dried or fresh fruit.



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The Gift Shop is staffed

by the ValleyCare

Auxiliary. If you would

like to join this team

of dedicated women

and men, please visit


or call the

Auxiliary information

line at



Sweet Treats


Your Sweetheart



Monday: 1 to 4 pm


Tuesday and Thursday:

9 am to 4 pm


Wednesday and Friday:

9 am to 6 pm


Saturday and Sunday:

11 am to 3 pm

ValleyCare Medical Center

5555 Las Positas Blvd.



WithValentine’s Day just around the corner, the

ValleyCare Gift Shop, located in the lobby of ValleyCare

Medical Center, has everything you need for your sweetheart—

from See’s Candy, jewelry, handbags and scarves to stuffed

animals and fun, inspirational gifts—andmuch, muchmore!

Stop by today to shop for your special Valentine!

The Gift Shop is open to the public. By shopping here you

are supporting the programs and services at ValleyCare Health System.